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In order to further expand the market. The company decided to all parts of the country
Wanted agents and distributors, hope and colleagues to work together, create brilliant!

To join (agent) business conditions

1 with entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit, passion for success are long.

2 brand awareness and mature business philosophy.

3 with a good business reputation and management ability.

4 to comply with company rules and regulations to join.

5 have certain operating funds and capital for investment "and the" brand.

4 effective promotion plan, ensure each join in business has obtained the ideal income.

 5 for the franchise agents, the company will be two to join its quantity reward and
enjoy the region two franchisee price margin.

"For Tops" advantage

1 clear management objectives.

1 clear management objectives.

The organization structure of 2 scientific.

3 powerful design team.

4 highly cohesive team.

4 highly cohesive team.

5 keen market sense.

Quality management system 6 internationally recognized.

Brand management 7 perfect.

Brand management 7 perfect.

8 professional training system.

Application to join the

Opened in 1 Requirements: the franchisees need to have good ball communicative
competence, scope of business: only in the stadium.

Opened in 2 procedures:The customer signed cooperation -- Test -- book -- company sent
test -- signed the franchise agreement -- alliance providers store plan -- the company according
to the shop design renovation plans -- company Peihuo recommendations or franchisee to
order -- employee training and the opening of the preparatory work -- company sent to assist the
opening work -- opened and normal business operations consulting.