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Teach you anti-cancer 16 Details: home to change clothes Qin ventilation window

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1 do not eat moldy food. After peanuts, soybeans, rice, flour mold, can produce aflatoxin, which is a strong carcinogen, may cause liver, stomach and so on. In addition, there are Aspergillus versicolor moldy food toxins, ochratoxin, etc., they have a strong carcinogenic effect. So, it is best not to eat moldy food.
2 Do not cut too broken dish, eat smoked, pickled foods. Smoked, pickled foods, nitrite content of more, the human body and the role of amines will generate strong carcinogen - nitrosamines. Pickles is the largest cause of nitrosamines, followed by dry salted fish, sausage, bacon, ham, bacon, shrimp paste, salted egg, salted fish and other foods, either. Computer bag manufacturersScience experiments confirmed that when nitrite encountered twice vitamin C, the body does not generate nitrosamines and amines role. Cooking should reduce the loss of vitamin C in foods, try to make eating fresh food, the faster the better, do not cut too fine food, the use of cooking cooking, clubs custom uniforms, hotel uniforms custom make food less exposed to the sun next.
3 eat barbecue and fried foods. U.S. scholars Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found that more than a week to eat once and french fries, fried chicken, fried fish people, the risk of prostate cancer will be higher than 37%. When the fish, meat and other foods with bright when roasted at high temperatures above 400 ℃, they contain protein, amino acids may be the decomposition of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, especially scorched part, we must eat. When kebabs, fat burning at high temperatures produces "3,4 - benzopyrene", which is internationally recognized as one of the medical profession in the strongest carcinogens may cause skin cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer and many other types of cancer.
4 Eat more fresh vegetables and less meat. Studies have found that about 30 percent of men and 60% of female cancer tumor is closely related to nutritional factors. World Cancer Research Fund found that eating fruits and vegetables may reduce the occurrence probability of the pharynx, larynx, esophagus and other cancers. Should eat at least 400 grams per day of different types of vegetables and fruits, preferably including different colors of red, green, yellow, purple and so on. Weekly red meat intake to less than 500 grams, or may increase pancreatic cancer, breast cancer risk. Processed meat products such as sausages, should eat less.
5 wash pesticide residues. The past 20 years, the high incidence of cancer, I think that pesticides are one of the culprits, but who do not know what to eat is not contaminated by pesticides, we can do is minimize pesticide residues. To introduce several ways: First, peel, remove the shell cereals, fruit peel, the outer leaves of root vegetables, can be reduced by 40% to 90% of pesticide residues; Second, rinse with water, add some salt in the water can reduce fruit and vegetables the residual arsenic; Third, boiled vegetables and more.
6 drink less. World Cancer Research Fund, said, whether alcoholic beverages, or beer, wine and spirits, with increasing intake, the risk of oral cancer, significantly increased the risk of esophageal cancer. If you must drink, men should not exceed 2 parts (1 part alcohol 10 to 15 grams) a day, women do more than 1.
7 Non-Smoking. 4,000 kinds of cigarette tar which contains a compound which has at least 43 kinds of compounds can cause cancer. There is a "Blaine smoking index" on oncology, calculated by multiplying the number of daily smokers support smoking for several years, if the product is greater than 400 (/ year), the risk of lung cancer than non-smokers high of more than 10 times. Lung, larynx, esophagus, etc. more than three percent of smoking-related cancer. In addition, smoking can also cause second-hand smoke, third-hand smoke pollution.
8 small plastic containers for food products. Life, we often use plastic products for storing food, but do not know they are toxic and non-toxic in the end. We can refer to the following authentication methods: First, water detection method. Put a plastic bag into the water, non-toxic surface, toxic does not float. Second hand touched color detection. Toxic milky white or colorless, transparent, lubricated sensation when hands touch the surface like wax-like feeling; toxic colors muddy, sticky feel. Third, the jitter detection method. Grab bag shaken hard, crisp sound non-toxic; toxic astringent sound boring.
9 sun can not be over. The total home furniture to keep the sun aging faster some extent, a person's skin, too. Studies have confirmed that childhood exposure if excessive, will accelerate the aging of the skin, or the increase in adult long freckles, or even the probability of cancer. Therefore, although the sun has some benefits, but remember not to over-exposure, especially children, do not for a long time in the sun too strong sunlight daily 11:00 to 15:00 strongest ultraviolet rays, less sun; sun is strong need to go out , it is best to wear a hat, hold umbrellas, better gas through a long coat, trousers; If the beach, outdoor pool, where there is water, pay attention to the sun.
10. Less late at night, get enough sleep. December 2008, the World Health Organization as one of the factors likely to work at night carcinogenic. Study found that people who often stays up late can lead to tumor suppression of melatonin decreases. Lack of sleep, then the body's immune function decline, but also the lives of black and white reversed endocrine effects. Therefore, we should try to go to bed on time, to ensure that there is a good wake up the spirit of people who work at night should be to minimize the number of night, it is best to have 48 hours after the night shift breaks.
11 Qin ventilation window. Indoor pollution also not be underestimated, pay attention to ventilation, especially the bathroom. American Health Care Association, toilet high temperature, high humidity environment easier to procure detergent, disinfectant, such as evaporation, hazy in the air. Prolonged inhalation may irritate the respiratory tract, damage respiratory mucosa, and even induce cells to mutate and cause cancer. Various cleaning agents, detergent after use, be sure to tighten the bottle and ground window, open the exhaust fan to increase air circulation.
12. Carefully selected materials decoration. No radioactive material, and comprising benzene, carbon tetrachloride, formaldehyde, methylene chloride and other carcinogens building materials. After the renovation, such as the smell of exhaust and clean and then stay indoors. When selecting decoration materials, the more vivid the color of the stone, the stronger radioactivity. White, black stone is relatively safe, green, red stone is relatively safe.
13 Do not wear work clothes home. Bought new clothes before washing wear; in hospitals, factories, workshops after people commuting to work, you should wash your hands or bathing, try not to take working clothes home.
14. Fitness every day. American University of Vermont research display: Compared with most men do not love sports, the possibility of physical best men suffering lung cancer will be lower 68%. Even people suffering from cancer, if we can adhere to regular exercise, their living conditions will change for the better. Aerobic exercise and resistance training can help control inflammation and hormone levels, strengthen the immune system to defend against the invasion of cancer cells.
15 eating nuts. Eat three Brazil nuts a day, because it provides selenium beneficial to human health. Harvard University researchers found that patients with advanced prostate cancer, which reduced the incidence of between 48% and there is some correlation.
16. Forming their own patterns of life. Concerned about their physical feelings, and to form their own patterns of life, keep their minds open-minded, peaceful, naturally enjoyable life. Custom club uniforms, hotel uniforms custom

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