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Chinese Ethnic Culture Fashion show confidence

Date:2014-06-19 00:00 Sourse:http://www.fodisy.net Hits:

Recently, the State President Xi Jinping to the Netherlands, opened his first visit to Europe became China's top leaders since the trip. In addition to political and economic issues, the President and his wife Peng Liyuan Xi dressed in Chinese clothes to attend a state dinner held in Dutch King William Alexander, but also attract attention. Hoteluniformcustom,

In ancient palace in Amsterdam, Xi Jinping couple rather "Chinese style" dress, compared with the king and queen of the Netherlands typical European royal dress, can be described as a mid-west, in filling the elegant, grand, while national colors is also very clear.

Internationally, one can often see the leaders of different countries, with a strong community dressed in ethnic costumes attend the formal occasion, to show the world the national culture. In fact, the attitude of the national dress, from one side reflects the mental state of a nation's traditional culture. Can confidently display of national costumes, often related to the traditional cultural identity and self-confidence. Under clothing outside of the manifestations of this is a state and national awareness of self. Club uniforms customized, high-end custom uniforms

However, in the past there is a misconception that there is a conflict between tradition and modernity, "retro" would be difficult to fashion. Formation of this concept, and Modern China's foreign relations Shi Miqie related. In the fierce collision of Western civilization, a large number of Chinese intellectuals believe that China's feudal culture is the cause behind the reason, traditional culture hit, was marked "backward" tag, so that people tend to choose the psychological "Western style" aesthetic fun.

Has an extremely rich cultural connotation and extensive outreach, traditions and customs, art and literature, lifestyles, ideas belong to cultural aspects, ignoring the excellent traditional culture component, which was equivalent to the backward clearly inaccurate. Traditional culture is rooted in the history and heritage of a nation, there is a certain tension between modernity and, but not mutually antagonistic relationship. We are pursuing modern civilization, can and traditional cultural integration, interpretation of fashionable beauty of a strong traditional culture.

In fact, China in recent years in many international debut in the world, are carefully name of "culture", brought to the world a lot of surprises. In 2000, Wong Kar-wai's film "In the Mood for Love" in dozens of Maggie's dress style allows the audience to fully appreciate the world of Chinese clothing elegant and refined kinds of style; 2001, the Shanghai APEC summit, the leaders of 20 countries collective appearance, they are dressed in red and navy blue cardigan Chinese costume, costume make all the rage - and Xi Jinping, Chairman of Chinese clothing and his wife appeared, then continue to follow this trend, but when, so that "China wind" became a classic fashion , calls for the revitalization of traditional culture are increasingly high.

After eighteen large, traditional culture in political and social fields "appearance" more and more frequently, for the understanding of traditional culture, but also with a clear positioning. During this year's two sessions, the General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "reflects a country's comprehensive strength of the core, the highest level, or cultural soft power, which is related to the uniqueness of a nation to adhere to the road rally our self-confidence, self-confident theory, institutional self-confidence. the most fundamental and a culture of self-confidence. want to carry forward the fine traditional culture of looking in the Manner. "

General Secretary Xi Jinping said "cultural confidence", it is the uniqueness of our current urgent need. This confidence, from in-depth understanding of traditional culture, but comes from a love of the national culture. We should have this confidence, like to wear fashionable high-end Chinese clothing as proud to show to the world the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture club uniforms customized, high-end custom uniforms

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