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Wearing the wrong clothes can be also harmful to fetus

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Cervical disease, also known as cervical syndrome, chronic fatigue due to cervical spine trauma of acute spinal degeneration and senile, etc., causing a group of clinical syndromes. In the past, cervical disease was defined as geriatrics, but with the changing lifestyle of modern youth, cervical disease also showed a trend of younger. Hoteluniformcustom,

Orthopedic experts have pointed out that young people suffering from cervical spondylosis is mainly due to the long-term accumulation of bad habits caused. Dressing right is also an aspect of bad habits, wearing the wrong clothes may induce or aggravate cervical spondylosis.

One wrong dress: long wear girly hotel uniforms custom, custom club uniforms

Long wear girly easily lead to cervical spondylosis. Because the tight corset, will oppress the neck muscles, blood vessels, nerves, involving the cervical spine caused by cervical strain, osteoarthritis, and thus would affect the vertebral nerves, vertebral artery, upper extremity numbness, neck and upper limb pain, dizziness, nausea , chest tightness and other symptoms.

Weapon: Experts suggest that women should avoid prolonged wearing body sculpting underwear, and pay attention to the regular activities of the upper limbs, shoulder strap position. The key is to choose girly fit, do not blindly pursue tight as possible. Nor is it to wear the longer the better weight loss. Do not wear too long every time, usually not more than four hours once wore, and can not wear every day.

Error dressing II: underwear too tight little

Pretty bra necessarily for everyone, improper wear can cause backache, back pain, there may be suffering from cervical spondylosis.

Miss Yang especially like to wear sexy lingerie, recently always feel back pain, chest tightness, to the hospital examination revealed shoulder, back local muscle showed different degrees of aging, X-ray examination of the cervical spine showed hypertrophic changes, and the problem is out in the bra.

The reason is that the underwear lead to cervical lesions: Long-term use of a narrow belt or bra bra size is too small, too tight when threading, wrap the skin like a thin wire, when the body is not fixed for coherent action, upper shoulder muscles constant motion, while narrow belt tight bra band in the range of skin rarely frequent friction, long time, will lead to overuse of these muscles, blood circulation disorders and aging occur. Tight bra band limits the movement of the respiratory muscles, chest vasomotor poor, affecting respiratory function, inadequate lung ventilation, resulting in chest tightness, shortness of breath; bra with a tight, compression of the neck muscles, blood vessels, nerves, so that involvement, induce cervical spondylosis, which was the upper extremity numbness, neck pain, dizziness and nausea.

Error dress three: too tight collar

Tight collar makes the neck vessels are oppressed, so delivery to the brain and eye nutrients reduced, thereby affecting vision, will also affect the normal activities of the cervical spine, easily lead to cervical spondylosis.

Neck dress should be afraid of the cold spring under thick thin

Although spring is getting warmer, but the dressing is good to note that two, take good care of neck and feet. Medical experts point out that the whole body turns warm again stimulation causes vasoconstriction, blood running slow, so intradiscal pressure changes, disc degeneration resulted in increased load due to acceleration, so multiple cervical spondylosis. Especially the elderly, if the temperature in the turns warm again, reduce premature clothing, vulnerable to cold invasion, causing colds aggravate symptoms of cervical disease. While the lower half of the body blood circulation than the upper half of the poor, vulnerable to cold invasion, it is cold and more bottom-born, and therefore should be taken in spring dress, "the under thick thin." Hotel uniforms custom, custom club uniforms

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