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Spring wedding photographs of clothing choices

Date:2014-06-19 00:00 Sourse:http://www.fodisy.net Hits:

Spring is a season of rebirth, but also the best time to shoot the wedding. In spring, different kinds of flowers, green grass and bright colors can add a lot to the wedding. Today small will introduce a few simple precautions you Oh!
        1, according to the figure to choose the right clothing. The bride in the choice of clothing when try not to choose a high neck or head clothing sets, so it will be very inconvenient to change clothes, it is easy to mess up the hair.
        2, the color choice. In general, white and black wedding dress suits are more common with, in the spring of spring, the couple can also choose color in gorgeous costumes, and this can be a good blend of nature, so shoot the wedding better mood. Club uniforms customized, high-end custom uniforms
3, the choice of accessories. Good selection of wedding dress, do not neglect accessories mix, newcomers can consult a stylist or photographer, what kind of accessories yourself fit, perhaps more photogenic oh. Hoteluniformcustom,
        4, the groom best ready shoes in black and white, good with clothing on. There is relatively deep colors do not wear underwear, avoid embarrassment when wearing white trousers.

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