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Easy Tips to remove stains baby clothes

Date:2014-06-19 00:00 Sourse:http://www.fodisy.net Hits:

Mom always want your baby clean and beautiful, can not tolerate the baby into a "little dirty" is often a dirty baby clothes, you change one. But faced with a piece of stained milk stains, grease, stains gray clothes, another problem has placed in front of her mother - how easily these clothes clean? Hotel uniform custom,  

1, if the baby is eating egg yolk accidentally get on your clothes, you can wash the clothes soak in cold water, do not stir, over one hour later, you can wash up in the normal way.

2, if the baby eating watermelon juice, tomatoes or strawberries and other fruits, juices dripping stains on clothes, club uniforms customized or have chocolate stains on your clothes, you can use soda flooding after a period of time, then hand rub, until eliminate stains, then the normal method of washing.

3, clothes soiled with milk stains can be washed with cold water and then can be removed by washing detergent enzyme.

4, sometimes the baby to eat, it is possible because they do not taste the food or vomit shortness of breath and dirty clothes, in which case, you can wipe the vomit thing first, and then washed with enzyme detergent rinse on it.

5, to the park to play with the baby, the baby like somersaults in the grass, roll, dirty clothes are inevitable. Many mothers think grass stains difficult to wash, do not let the children play in their own way. In fact, there are grass stains on your clothes, wash the normal way if not effective, you can scrub with gauze moistened with alcohol. Custom club uniforms

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