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Pregnant women wearing the wrong clothes can harm the fetus

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What to buy maternity misunderstanding?

Myth one: pregnancy improvise wear

User Candy has been eight months pregnant it. Because just the pregnant belly is not very big, so in terms of wear, it does not take too much notice. Wait until after 5 months pregnant, she began to slowly big belly up. Time is winter, more relaxed and comfortable to wear inside her sweater, knitted wool trouser, waist some larger pants and jacket, and therefore has not buy professional maternity.

To April and May, the temperature rise slowly, she found herself not wear those clothes before it. At first she had to buy maternity wear, but also taking into account there are two months to birth, and if better to spend money to buy some fabric cotton maternity, etc. after giving birth can not wear, she felt quite waste, so she would buy some cheap clothes to wear in the stall, resulting in skin irritation.

Wisdom mother suggested: the hot summer months, be sure to wear clothes to minimize the shackles of their own bodies. Pregnant itself metabolism than others, sweating more, if perspiration poor, it is easy to cause skin rashes, skin infections and other problems. If the fiber material buy clothes, good air permeability, static friction and easy, and skin health of the pregnant woman are negative. Recommends clothing during pregnancy, the most important is to be comfortable to wear, so absorbent and breathable cotton clothing is the best choice, the price is more favorable. Once you have pregnant, pregnant women often find themselves frequent urination, so a loose, easy on the toilet Maternity would be more appropriate.

Myth: To deceive a belt

User Fifi unmarried mothers because growing up in a traditional family, she did not dare to do things early pregnancy told friends she was pregnant, every day is also careful to avoid micro-rope others see her belly, she had to see the classics department abdominal approach, she also tried to get a waist strap bound to live their daily results of repeated examination, the doctor told her malposition, growth retardation, and finally, after the wedding, she said the secret out. High-end custom uniforms

Waistband, which for the average person, it is very ordinary thing. But for pregnant moms, this is unfavorable. Small a belt may cause great harm to the fetus.

Wisdom mom advice: pregnant women must pay attention to the protection of the abdomen, should choose pants with elastic waist bands or lines, which can be freely adjusted. But be careful not too tight so as not to increase the uterus can not rise and lordosis, resulting overhanging belly, leading to abnormal fetal position, dystocia. In addition, we can not tightly bound waist and legs, or likely to influence lower limb blood circulation, impede uteroplacental blood circulation, affecting the normal development of the fetus.

Myth: wearing tight jeans

Susan users over four months pregnant, arguably the stomach should be slightly elevated, but how to look at her stomach is flat. It was discovered that although already pregnant more than four months, but has been wearing a pre-pregnancy clothes - jeans and tights, she remained fairly "slim." Susan said she felt belly bulge was not great, wear old clothes and now feel is not very tight, so after she had been pregnant are so worn, did not think there is anything wrong with that.

But in recent days, Susan felt wrong. Her genital area is always a little pain, itching, pain when urinating especially. She suspects that he is what got gynecological diseases, so hurry to the hospital to consult a doctor. Doctor's diagnosis also proved her guess, she suffered from genital inflammation. Her genital skin or mucosa inflammatory lesions occurred, and all this murderer is jeans, which made her chagrin.

Pregnant five months ago, the pregnant woman's belly is not very obvious, but in fact has little to highlight here. If you wear jeans this time, it will increase the external genitals and abdomen of pregnant women and pants friction. In addition, many jeans are tight, not breathable fabric, it may make women secretions difficult to discharge, causing vulvitis and vaginitis and other gynecological diseases. In addition, the height of summer, the metal buttons prolonged contact with the skin and abdominal jeans, are likely to cause contact dermatitis. Therefore, pregnant women should not wear tight jeans.

Wisdom mother suggested: the uterus increases during pregnancy, on the inferior vena cava and iliac vein continued oppression that poor lower extremity venous reflux, resulting in venous pressure increased. The unfavorable factors, so pregnant women become varicose multiple patients. So painful mothers face every day are: fatigue, restlessness, foot swelling varicose veins. To prevent varicose veins, in addition to reducing standing time, pantyhose and tights for use during pregnancy will also help prevent varicose veins, but remember not to wear tight jeans.

Myth: It is sluggish gray dress

User Lily pregnant in September last year alone, another half a month to go the perinatal period. During pregnancy, Lily often attend some lectures on health care during pregnancy, childbirth breathing, breastfeeding knowledge, but she was more casual about dress. Often wear a black pants, upper body set up a large white pregnant women skirt, not the spirit of the whole person. Lily says she has no attention to their pregnancy dress, long dress she felt relaxed and comfortable on the trip, and did not consider other.

Wisdom mom advice: Pregnant women in their attire, should be bright based. Yichuan bright little warm clothes, such as red, green, and violet. In the match, consider using light blue + dark gray, matched with red, white, and gray. But if the emotional impact aside, pursuant to pregnant women personality and fashion needs to consider other appropriate dress is also possible. Right clothes can affect the mood of pregnant women, but also indirectly affect other people around her husband and emotions. Recommended during pregnancy the mother should wear clothing with beautiful, piercing a good mood! High-end custom uniformsuniform custom Club
Core Tip: nurture a life filled with bulging belly and happiness, contentment, being a woman is the most special and beautiful. When pregnant, although body shape changes, although there are moments can not resist the bloated, but still can wear clothing with health, beauty piercing, piercing a good mood!

Seems to be a simple piece dress and casual thing, but if during pregnancy, it can not be sloppy dress up. Pregnant women wear clothes a lot of stress, such as when to wear maternity wear maternity should pay attention to what and so on. To know, accidentally wearing the wrong clothes, but will hurt the unborn fetus! In addition, pregnancy clothes after buying low utilization, mother teach you wisdom conscious today, with the least money to purchase most suitable clothing. High-end custom uniforms

When pregnant women should wear maternity

Many women need to work on before birth, so clothing should also be noted. Loose or not, depending on personal preference. Pregnant women also can be more beautiful, do not let the traditional overalls, jackets always represent a large image of a pregnant woman! Pregnant women due to pregnancy, maternity wear when speaking of people, some mothers began to wear 7-8 months, some people began to wear very early, because relatively large changes in waist and abdomen, wearing regular clothes may affect unborn baby's development.

Wisdom mom advice: when maternity wear, and no hard and fast rules, depending on their situation to be, and feel a bit tight abdomen or other parts, it is necessary to consider the purchase of a pregnancy clothes, not necessarily going to specialized baby products store buy some stylish simplicity loose conventional models are well suited for pregnant women. Summer can wear a T-shirt with a loose fashion elastic belt cotton leggings, cool and comfortable; or you can also wear a brightly colored loose-fitting dress, after the kind of clothes during pregnancy can still tie a belt to wear, stylish and minimalist. Another choice should pay attention when maternity material comfort. Choose clothing should be soft, washable, absorbent, breathable principle.

Maternity how to choose?

To select Maternity lenient comfortable, nice principle, all kinds of maternity buy recommendations are as follows:

Tops should be relaxed, avoid tight little

In the early stages of pregnancy when buying jackets, the best I can choose to cover the hips or slightly lower style, width of 10 cm width should be about, and then later to wear. To late pregnancy, pregnant mothers to Xiongshihuxi as much, tops tight chest affects respiratory activity, but also easily lead to nipple retraction, affect future breastfeeding. In addition, the jacket's chest does not have hard buttons and other accessories.

There should choose pants lace

Pregnant mothers pants easy to choose a belt, elastic belt is best able to freely adjust appropriately, should not bundle too tight, otherwise it will waist and leg shackles, affecting the lower limbs and placental blood circulation, fetal growth adversely. Buy pants at mid-pregnancy, should choose a little longer in order to avoid late pregnancy due to stomach quite make out the pants shorter. In late pregnancy, the choice of overalls to reduce abdominal squeeze clothes.

Dress should choose H-or A-type

For dress, pregnant mothers should choose as wide as the upper and lower H-type or the narrow width of the A type. H-type with the overall sense, the body bump obvious, A-bottom swing wide and has a sense of security, physical changes were not evident, pregnant women are more comfortable to wear, but also to cover up the highlights of the abdomen, but also help fetal development.

Lingerie, underwear should choose pure cotton

When the breast is an increasing, pregnant mothers need to be replaced bra, the bra is too small abandoned. By the late pregnancy, pregnant mother's hand is not easy to bend backwards, before the choice of bra should be open. Pregnancy vaginal discharge, underwear is best to use mast lenient and can completely cover the belly and hips style, briefs or tight underwear is not Yichuan.

Shoes, socks choice

Pregnant mothers can wear soft bottom, about 2 cm high heel shoes. High heels, boots not Yichuan, otherwise it will aggravate backache, abdominal sense of falling, but also easy to stumble falls. In addition, pregnant women have difficulty bending over, should choose not to tie his shoes. Can not wear tight socks, to avoid affecting the lower limb blood circulation.

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