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Wear show intellectual beauty

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Dress according to the nature of work wear in addition to choose, it should also be noted specifically dedicated service, wear only wear in the workplace, do not take home to prevent bacteria or toxic dye diffusion back. Note also kept clean and tidy, regular cleaning, mending, to ensure high-end custom uniforms should play a protective role. 
Wear of winter and summer, please note that according to the season to choose. 
For people who work in the high temperature environment, due to exposure to a large amount of thermal radiation at high temperatures, so when working in high temperature conditions should be wearing overalls with a white or light-colored, soft cloth to thick. In addition, under the high temperature sweat more, some people like the upper body naked, do not wear uniforms, this will lead to thermal radiation burns the skin, the skin hot and dry, reduce heat dissipation. Also easy to make bodily injury. Therefore, not only should work under high temperature wear clothes, it should wear long-sleeved clothes and trousers thick and gloves as well as masks, foot protection enclosures. 
Mechanical workers are often travel between the machine, the machine needs to avoid clothes were wrapped twist, you also need rubbing. Therefore, requires a tight overalls, hem, cuffs, trouser legs can all be deducted up, and requires more solid fabric, wear color with darker appropriate. 
When workers or laboratory personnel engaged in chemical production plant containing corrosive substances, laboratory work, in addition to wearing a more solid tight sleeve dress, should also wear rubber apron, rubber boots, gloves, rubber boots, overshoes. It should also be worn with a helmet can be isolated from the outside rubber work clothes when necessary. 
Agricultural production workers for general outdoor work, you can use the general light-colored denim or khaki overalls. Three forest workers wear tight clothes, collar, cuffs, ankle should be tightened to prevent pests. 
Kitchen staff and food workers should wear white, behind the buckle overalls, overalls requires long knees, cuffs can be fastened and wearing hats, masks, to enhance cleanliness, to prevent food contamination. 
Reasonable clothing and overalls to help regulate body temperature, protect the skin, in order to achieve waterproof, fireproof, heat radiation, anti-virus, anti-animal bites and other purposes. Clothing and overalls are reasonable, directly related to human health.

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