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Wear industry trends

Date:2014-07-22 00:00 Sourse:http://www.fodisy.net Hits:

First, the market potential is huge overalls, extensive demand for space. Statistics show that the country needs a year career tooling up to 30 billion yuan. Dress budget amount occupational uniforms industry round the country 19 times the minimum uniform dress is also more than 20 billion yuan; 

Second, many garment industries and enterprises, the industry chain is very mature. At present, China has a certain amount of wear industry enterprises more than 3700 women, men and women are also offering more than 25,000. Forward extends a considerable portion of its branches of business men and women, especially the popularization and application of the Internet, there are many enterprises come in to provide more personalized service to guests through the network platform, and contributed to a more complete industrial chain; 

Third, strengthen the capacity of professional production, improve the design level. High-end custom uniforms wear industry after 10 years of construction, the emergence of a number of industry leader, their professional production capacity has been strengthened, the design has been greatly improved, "wear fashion, leisure, environmental, functional has become the industry's general philosophy; 

Fourth, the intense market competition, the lack of standardized operations. Due to wear custom groups belonging to the target customer base is relatively concentrated, small production and processing risk, although the system for a small profit, but the larger the number of scale and therefore more show the intense competition in the market, coupled with the lack of standardized operational mechanism, leading to more competition disorderly market operation more complex and difficult; 

Fifth wear market in particular, the national brand known brand has not yet formed, wear industry brand development and the development of international brand strategy long way to go;

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