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Uniforms and Workwear is fundamentally different

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Uniforms for the corporate image of enterprises unify the staff dress tailored clothing, tooling uniforms belong in one, is to facilitate the toil of work requirements, combined with professional features select shades custom uniforms, corporate uniforms, commonly known as business cards, dress uniform gradually the importance of the various business units. 
Wear based on industry characteristics can be divided into four categories: professional fashion, occupational uniforms, equipment and protective clothing, is the financial iconic, stylish, practical and scientific nature in one, with industry characteristics and occupational characteristics, can reflect identification of clothing and apparel teamwork culture. 
With the rapid development of social economy and the gradual growth of Chinese textile and apparel industry, the development of wear industry is also showing a thriving scene. 
Professional fashion dress mainly refers nowadays termed "white collar" and some government departments, both that of the "Fashion", by definition, biased in favor of its design and personalized fashion, wearing staff norms, clean, beautiful, unified by the enterprise outstanding cultural unified, organized, standardized system spread, business or department can fully display the image that represents a culture, identity formation and beyond, to increase internal cohesion, so that enterprises or sectors with stronger competitiveness and credibility degrees. 
High-end fashion in general occupational uniforms custom clothing texture and craftsmanship, wearing a high demand on the object and match the performance of simple smooth style, Slim and elegant, but do not wear a special emphasis on functional requirements. 
The most well-known professional uniforms for the public's wear, a very wide range of applications. Including: commercial; enforcement administration and security; public utilities and non-profit 
For professional uniforms, should first be emphasized that the iconic and unity, followed by functionality. Iconic and unity reflected in the industry requirements, different industries have different needs, to reflect the distinctive uniform of industry characteristics, such as taxation, customs, uniforms with distinctive landmark, the first public can bring harmony and beauty, both to increase their sense of authority, but also reflects the affinity. 
Functionality is mainly reflected in the types of needs and feelings of the wearer. Reasonable wear design and materials used, not only can play a protective role in enhancing security, but also make the wearer feel comfortable, thus improving efficiency. 
The use of a very wide range of tooling, the focus should consider the functionality, security, supplemented by practical and symbolic. Scope tooling and production line workers generally include outdoor operations personnel, their work dress functional requirements are very high. If oil workers in field operations, and its tooling to adapt to the desert environment is not only the visual prominence, but also has anti-oil, water, cold, dust, fire and chemical attack, and other special effects. 
Protective clothing 
Protective clothing is actually an improvement from the tooling based on the special requirements applicable to clothing, its function on the basis of general tooling, with particular emphasis on its protective role, which is mainly based on the special security needs of the working environment. In addition to clothing, but also includes footwear, helmets and other equipment and a variety of plug-in functions, the above-mentioned "medical gloves" strictly speaking, belongs to a class of protective clothing. 
Overall, wear clothing industry as an important one, more and more attention by the community, its application in the industry, are increasingly being used, this is a social competition and improve people's lives aesthetic sense, is to promote self-a representation on behalf of a silent language.

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