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All kinds of fabric knowledge Daquan

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As a senior wear custom manufacturers, where Otis blessing for everyone popularize the identification of various types of fabrics and functional. 

1, Ma: a plant fiber, known as the cool elegance of fiber, which is good moisture absorption, desorption is fast, easy to produce static thermal conductivity large, rapid cooling, wearing cool, do not close the sweat, the more washable, good heat resistance. 

2, silk: natural animal protein fiber, smooth, soft, shiny, there are cool feeling, friction when a unique "silk-ming" phenomenon, a very good extension, good heat resistance, intolerant of salt erosion, should not use chlorine bleach or detergent treatment. 

3, viscose: wood, cotton linters, reeds and other materials containing chemical materials processed from natural cellulose, also often called artificial cotton, with the basic properties of natural fibers, good dyeing properties, fastness, fabric softener, than the major, drape good moisture absorption, wearing a cool, easy to produce static, fuzz and pilling. 

4, acetate fibers: from natural cellulose-containing materials processing chemical made by Ken silk style, wear light and comfortable, with good elasticity and elastic recovery performance, not washing, poor color fastness. 

5, Polyester: are polyester fiber, with excellent elasticity and resilience, the fabric stiff, do not wrinkle, good shape retention, high strength, good elasticity, durable wear and has excellent light performance, but prone to static electricity and vacuuming poor moisture absorption. 

6, nylon: polyamide fiber, also called nylon, synthetic fiber dyeing is good, wear lightweight, waterproof windproof and good performance, high abrasion resistance, strength, elasticity are good. 

7, polypropylene: Mao Rong look like silk or cotton, has a waxy feel and luster, elasticity and resilience are generally not wrinkle the proportion of small, light, comfortable clothing is good, faster delivery of sweat to the skin to maintain comfort, strength, wear resistance better than durable, not heat. 

8, spandex: excellent elasticity, also known as elastic fibers, also known as Lycra, elastic, smooth feel, moisture absorption, good weather and chemical resistance, machine washable, heat resistance. 

9, PVA: look and feel like cotton fabric, elastic good, good moisture combined gravity and thermal conductivity, wear light and warm, wear good sturdy and durable strength, excellent resistance to chemicals, sunlight and other properties. 

10, Chunma fine spinning: a fine, thin, crisp, smooth style, has good breathability and comfort. 

11, linen: traditional Chinese textiles, fabric color white, glossy soft, clean sweat away from the body, crisp cool features when wearing. 

12, woven hemp fabric: fine texture, color fastness and durability, and face clean, handle than pure hemp fabric soft and comfortable to wear. 

13, a faction of the Secretary: polyester wool mix, smooth surface, light texture, feel refreshing, crisp engage wrinkle, easy to wash and easy to dry, with good wear properties. 

14, gabardine: also known as gabardine, smooth waxy feel and a solid, tight and elastic texture, shade fabric is smooth and soft and natural. 

15, what taste it: the mix of different fabrics and processing method, sub-surface what hair smell it, taste it and Yuan faces blended Sha Sha taste it, taste it what matte Yuan Ze natural soft shading looming, feel no board does not rough, waxy but not bad, pregnancy bone, smooth taste of what it faces no hair, clear lines, no aurora is smooth, slippery feel and crisp. Blended what taste it, crisp wrinkle, washable easy care, better garment shape retention. 

16, thin tweed: light texture, smooth feel comfortable, crisp, good moisture absorption, good ventilation. 

17, loose light wool fabric: a relaxed soft, loose structure, light weight, feel soft, flexible, breathable good features, comfortable to wear. 

18, Melton: A woolen fabric, feel full, it faces a fine clean smooth body bone very real, flexible, easy to wear and pilling, soft color appearance. 

19, plush: also known as sea tiger velvet, hair smooth and straight and strong hair from dense, warm and good, suede shiny and bright, soft, plump feel thick, warm and lightweight, has good wear resistance. 

20, viscose: moisture permeability good, easy to dye, fabric has a good feel, comfortable, drape, and resistance to washing. 

21, plain cloth: organization is simple, compact, solid and firm, smooth surface missing pipe elasticity. 

22, muslin: fastness than silk fabrics, fine clean smooth surface, thin like silk, soft and comfortable. 

23, poplin: fine texture, thin, cloth soft, smooth, crisp, clear textured surface particles plump, shiny shiny, good texture. 

24, Pakistan one hundred yarn: the texture is very thin, wore a very good comfort, good moisture absorption and permeability, unique thin, thin, cool and other styles. 

25, Khaki: fabric texture close, thick, fast, with good abrasion resistance, crisp, textured clear. 

26, Satin: smooth, delicate, soft, shiny, bright color, good texture tight elastic deformation. 

27, crepe: Oil uneven shrinkage, also known as walnuts do, thin soft, smooth novel, easy to dye. 

28, Oxford: distinctive cotton fabric, with a soft, natural sheen, oil holes and more comfortable, flat very good shape retention. 

       29, sateen: the case of satin cotton products, with silk-like gloss and satin style, feel soft, thick texture, flexibility, comfort, appearance and color better. 

30, corduroy: soft, cashmere round straight, clear lines, hair fullness, texture, abrasion fastness. 

31, flannel: soft touch, warm and good, comfortable, soft cloth exterior color. 

32, Cashmere: texture, light, and very warm, rare animal fibers are unique, in foreign countries have "diamond fiber", "soft gold", it has a soft, thin, smooth, waxy, thin, flexible features and natural soft color and good moisture absorption, good wear resistance. 

33, rabbit: the proportion of small, warm and good, flexible, with strong moisture absorption, soft, warm, beautiful and other characteristics, poor cohesion, strong low, easy Romaine. 

34, Mohair: high strength, high elastic recovery, anti-wrinkle ability, wear resistance and good moisture absorption, stain resistance, dyeing, and do not shrink easily felting. 

35, camel plush: lighter in color, luster weak, slippery feel soft, good flexibility and strength, warm and good wear resistance. 

36, worsted wool fabric: textured clear, bright and soft, close texture, soft, stiff and elastic. 

37, woolen fabric: thick texture, feel plump and firm, not easily deformed, warm and good. 

38, plush: plump thick, soft, rich elasticity, warm and good, not deformed. 

39, satin: fine texture soft, smooth and bright, delicate. 
Synthetic filament: fastness, abrasion resistance, washable, easy to dry, and not wrinkle, no deformation and other features. 

40, cotton blends: cotton moisture absorption, dyeing good, warm and good, hemp has a high strength, natural gloss, stain bright, not faded, heat is good, cotton blends, look clean but not as good as cotton fabric sheen well, there is a soft feel, the more very cool, good heat dissipation, will not fade. 

41, polyester linen blends: polyester easily deformed, lint, hemp good strength, good gloss, easy to fade, polyester linen blend fabric to make up for some deficiencies pretty cool, good moisture absorption, comfortable, washable and quick drying, wrinkle reduction , fluff. 

42, imports of cotton: Wicking significant protection near the skin, good color, good strength, good scalability characteristics, soft, shiny and soft, rustic, warm and good. 

43 Silk: recognized worldwide luxury natural fiber, is a senior textile materials, with high strength and elongation, fiber thin and soft, smooth and elastic, good moisture absorption, shiny fabrics, and unique "silk-ming" feeling, wear to the body smooth, comfortable, elegant and luxurious. 

44 Silk: beautiful, elegant, straight wire certain content, the product can feel more smooth, organizations are more dense, shiny, comfortable, elegant, luxurious, with good elastic strength, moisture absorption is good, wear breathable and comfortable. 

45, Tencel: is an environmentally friendly fiber, spinning in the purification process, using high technology to protect all the features of a natural fiber, it is moisture breathable, fabric drape, silky smooth, bright staining properties. Repeated washing, sun care can serve many functions, easy to play ball. 

46, mercerized cotton yarn: a silky bright luster, color fastness and good feel of high-grade, breathable cotton with a soft absorbent, there are silky smooth and bright features. 

47, Taiwan Tencel: adding a sweater weaving with fiber, both to enhance the beauty, but also to make functional defects Tencel, good gloss, bright color, clothing deformation, not easy pilling, not fade. 

48, bamboo fiber: an environmentally friendly fiber, bamboo has anti-bacterial anti-purple line at the characteristics of the fiber purification process using high technology to protect a natural antibacterial, deodorant and anti-UV material, with breathable strong, fabric drape, silky smooth, dyed bright, antibacterial, deodorant, anti-UV, repeated Xishai can serve many functions. 

49, acrylic: commonly known as "artificial wool" has a soft, warm, strong good features, smooth surface, compact, easily deformed, minimal shrinkage after washing. 

50, mercerized wool: shiny and soft, delicate soft, moisture absorption, breathable, comfortable and stick with the general body to keep cool and warm function, better heat resistance. 

51,100 superfine Merino wool: smooth surface, anti-pilling, after removing scales treatment, reducing felt contraction, shrinking rate, machine washed, not deformed, good gloss, excellent elasticity, warm and good, feel plump, soft and comfortable, suitable for personal wear. 

52, camel: the case of woolen fabric, with a soft texture and elastic, suede fullness, feel thick, soft and warm. 

53, wool viscose blended: wire wool fabric has a similar look and feel and the basic features, appearance is more delicate. 

54, Tencel, linen blends: fabric feel plump, smooth, waxy, have silk-like luster, drape, very real chill. 

55, cotton blended: You can make up a small polyester moisture absorption, breathable and comfortable enough beauty, appearance smooth, solid feel, flexible, strong and durable, good shape retention. 

56, polyester silk blend: both soft hair type, there are silk smooth, shiny and soft and bright, crisp, easy-care, color fastness and durability. Elasticity, shrinkage less than pure silk. 

57, viscose gabardine: characterized by crisp, easy-care, with a wool-type sense and flexibility. 

58, T: Partly hidden pieces of it: crisp, clothing deformation, washable and quick drying, easy care, conformal, shrinkage is small.

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