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Compare wear process

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Full lining suit --- it is currently on the market common suit technology, the main feature of this process is followed by a large body interlining, with wool lining, chest down, shoulder pads and strengthen lining, making feel crisp appearance, to people with rigorous, tall, solemn feeling. 
It has a half-dressed in a suit --- lightweight, cool features, yet crisp feel. T-shirt in the back body guillotine all seam to be curling or trim treatment processes, process design sophisticated, much more difficult than making a full in suits. In the current domestic and international markets, such suits in market demand increasing. Cool Suit --- This is the preferred spring and summer products to suit customers, and it adopts the international advanced mesh lining, the biggest feature is breathable, wear more lightweight, soft and comfortable. Because of the abolition of the chest down, so this process on the chest lining and other materials of higher performance requirements, is currently the most popular kind of suits the product. 
Semi-wool core suit 
--- This is in contrast to ordinary revolves around Ge Chen suit in high gear product technology upgrades. Require fabric for elastic, strong drape, feel silky wool, high yarn worsted fabric: soft wool lining must be selected very thin, flexible, while shrinking good, with high gross amount of wool lining. Because predecessor at the head of half split core wool suit nonstick lining, so wool lining and fabric to be sewn directly on the fiber, which is needed to force the fiber and fabric lining wool fibers together uniformly appropriate, proper tightness. Face, a good combination between materials also broke the previous head of the interlining suit then split flat and hard feelings, aggregate shape and feel comfortable in one. 
Core wool suit 
--- This is a reflection of the world's highest block times suit absolutely fine products. Because of this process is the predecessor of the plastic lining does not twist, totally dependent on wool lining to bring suit shape, look and feel soft and flexible, comfortable, natural and crisp, distinct from the large body adopts sleeve lining, high smoothness, ease wear off, but also a new type of high-end suits techniques. Use automatic satisfied in the process of making wool core machine, fabrics and wool lining will be sewn into a ditch. Because of the complex operation, labor-consuming, high material costs, the price will expensive. 
Casual combined body suit 
--- West casual casual style in a concise advocacy, self-smooth West casual style, create a new urban men's clothing concepts. However, simple does not mean easy, therefore, the West casual styling, both from the modeling process or face the choice of materials and production and processing equipment must have strict requirements in order to ensure its unique styling effects. Highlight the shoulder smoother, soft shapes and chest and waist fit, especially on the lapel detail treatment and pocket-bit and other parts, but also tends to be more delicate, perfect, to achieve the effect of wearing delicate and elegant, and wearing apparel personalized strong feelings and meaning can express itself. 
Hand needle craft suit 
--- Product portfolio pieces, parts, machinery and equipment used to complete the combination, and the product of all decoration line (including the jacket lapel, bead, bottom pendulum, former province, towel pocket, large pocket cover; side pants pocket, back pocket, joints and other parts of the outer pants), cufflinks water hyacinth, a large body of our eyes and lock button are pure hand sewing needle craft. Product fully express back to nature, the pursuit of natural fusion of modern and traditional styles. High-end custom uniforms

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