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Guangzhou International Exhibition wear MingJin

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June 26, 2013 to 28, jointly organized by the Guangdong Provincial Safety Production Committee, CCPIT Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province Production Safety Association, China Association of wear, Guangzhou liters Exhibition Services Ltd., Haiya condensate Exhibition Services Ltd. China (Guangzhou) international Fire technology, labor protection products exhibition cum wear in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Center opened. The exhibition of "innovation, science and technology" as its theme, closely linked to the pulse of the industry, showing the wear industry and the level of innovation in science and technology, functionality of the highlights of the cutting-edge technology and trends, from the United States, South Korea and other countries exhibitors and major domestic brands are actively participating, the inaugural exhibition has become an elite seems to converge, brand-studded industry event. 

It is understood that wear more than 30,000 enterprises have nearly, but wear industry has developed into a new era of outstanding Chinese garment industry, the rapid development of pillar industries, huge market potential. The first relies on Guangzhou Guangzhou International Exhibition wear clothing as the country's largest circulation base of traditional industrial chain advantage and geographical advantages, the market radiation throughout the country and many overseas buyers from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Western Europe and other continents over 70 countries actively exhibitors, making the show has become a fast convergence of international trends and quality resources industry service platform. 
The exhibition aims to create not only wear brand promotion, market development, innovation show, fashion publishing, wealth creation leading international business platform, create the most experience a sense of fashion, and the most cutting-edge trendsetter, the most creative and cross-border inspired fashion wear brand sharing platform and global communication platform configuration and optimization, as well as customize the groups uniforms, industrial tooling (functional clothing) custom high-end brands such as industry, gathered in the same exhibition platform, and actively play the aggregate effect of the exhibition, to form industry resonance, for China to enter the Chinese market to wear safety, occupational health function transformation, as well as international brands, Chinese enterprises into the international market to play an important role as a bridge. 
In addition to the exhibition site with the fire of knowledge, common sense fire, fire incidents, fire safety and other historical review and public service boards, but also committed to using the show platform fire spread scientific knowledge, and establish a positive image of the show, help spread the brand and achieve win-win situation. In addition, the main organizer also actively organize buyers purchasing groups to observe the depth of the fire show, held in the name of famous enterprises will be recommended, carnivals, forums lectures, procurement briefings, new conference conducted throughout the day and wear scroll trends conference, China other activities, to bring the latest industry information and new dynamic for many exhibitors and professional visitors. It is reported that kicked off the show during Safety Month is also in Guangdong Province, held simultaneously "safety publicity services consulting Day", Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, safety supervision, public security, fire protection, education, health, quality supervision, and other meteorological mine disaster sector and related businesses have also carried out a number of special events.

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