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How to choose the five-star hotel uniforms

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The new five-star standard uniform: 
   Professional design, material good, exquisite workmanship. 
   "Divide-star tourist hotels and Evaluation" new national standards developed by the National Tourism Administration, from January 1, 2011 the formal implementation of the National All Star review and evaluation will be in accordance with this standard, hotel uniforms customized "professional design, good selection, exquisite "has become an important indicator of high-star hotel in assessment star. 
   Hotel uniform standards and specifications developed very necessary: it choose the right, to meet the requirements of hotel uniforms set the standard for the national hotel industry; uniforms for the hotel industry also developed a new industry standard. So what kind of hotel uniforms fit "professional design, selection of good, exquisite" normative standards? This paper attempts to realize over the years, the hotel uniforms cultural discussion and research, combined with over 20 years of front-line hotel uniform design and production practices, such as from a hotel uniform design, material and workmanship in many aspects, the interpretation of the National Tourism Administration of high-star hotel uniforms standards and specifications. A hotel uniforms status analysis 
   Hotel uniform corporate image as visual recognition system is an important part, in addition to functional, more importantly through the identity of its image, aesthetics convey various information such as corporate culture, which has been more and more hotel management and operators of the attention, the hotel targets the development and implementation of new uniforms to prove that degree of attention from the other side of the hotel industry, hotel uniforms has been constantly improved. Mediated Nevertheless, due to many reasons, hotel uniforms are still many problems. If we can really and actually designed and produced according to the new standard, then this is a successful hotel uniforms, hotel uniforms so-called success is both perfectly convey the hotel's business philosophy, industry characteristics, nature of work and mental outlook, but also make the hotel staff to clarify their respective responsibilities, it can be virtually constraints and norms ideas of employees, demeanor, and strengthen their sense of belonging, a sense of responsibility and sense of honor. 
   National Tourism Administration Shao Qiwei hotel industry in the country five-star hotel-cum-conference on quality improvement in 2010 spoke: "Now the hotel tooling uniforms, generally single, does not feature the national hotel greeter wearing frock basically. like, most of the red dress, it is very monotonous, not well reflect the cultural elements of our multi-ethnic country, and the characteristics of different regions hotel Features. "邵局长 then sharply pointed out the current domestic hotel clothing in the design, production, etc. aspects of a common problem: namely, hotel uniform style on the design and use of color, too stylized, conceptualization, lack of personality, giving "a sense of when you fall," especially on the cultural elements of each of the hotel, did not feature on the management style of expression ; expressed on regional, personalized, more different ethnic customs and its meaning; in the fabric of choice, mostly because of cost considerations muddling along, especially not a good choice in line with the characteristics of each fabric: wrinkling, drawing , fading, etc. become a common problem; work on the uniforms, but also due to the prevalence of rough delicate parts such as skirt slits, armpit tops, as well as zippers, buttons these are often easy to overlook the details, hotel uniforms tend to be fatal the flaw, so the hotel uniforms wins in detail, wins in fine. Second, the interpretation of high-star hotel standards and norms new uniforms 
   (A) professional design 
   Throughout the many problems currently existing in hotel uniforms, hotel uniforms lack of "professional design" is the crux of the issue, many hotels mostly using "used" when selecting uniforms, some low-star hotels usually take the uniforms on Atlas now style patchwork; even the domestic high-star hotel uniforms, mostly on behalf of the manufacturers by producing uniform design, and the manufacturers and the lack of professional designers often choose another style or some little changes in the original style for selected customers use; some hotels also attaches great importance to veterans hotel uniforms, in order to select the appropriate uniforms, they would go around the hotel visits, once found good uniforms, as such requires uniform factory orders, not knowing that the other hotels uniforms the hotel has its own unique cultural elements, where personality characteristics, is not suitable for your hotel. These is also a "national restaurant greeter wearing a frock basically the same", that is very serious homogenization reason, value and therefore the value of design and culture, brand value Shao Qiwei pointed out more increasingly prominent. 
   The new standard for hotel uniforms made "professional design" requirements, the so-called "professional design", that the correct design orientation, and perfectly embodies the culture of hotel uniforms, the image of sex, identity, functionality. Designers of tooling design of the control must be based on a thorough understanding of the hotel on the basis of culture: the first is positioned to understand the hotel business, consumption level, market demand, local culture, decor, etc., can only ideas and breakthroughs in the style of positioning . Faced stationed in the country as more and more international 
Hotels, designers should not only respect the customer's own brand of tooling standards, but also reasonably consistent with China made geographical and cultural characteristics, ethnic characteristics, even considering the characteristics of skin color, etc. Consumers International, which is the location of the hotel guests agree sense, the full expression of their design, so that foreign brands both international and national identity have reached the perfect unity of individuality and commonality. 
   Image of a uniform design hotel last and most important design focus. Hotel uniform image in the guests should be given to Goodwill friendly, feel at home, it is combined with the hotel's CI by positioning the environment, the overall taste, logos and other enterprises overall image, to convey corporate philosophy, corporate culture and aesthetic image; while successful hotel staff uniforms also enhance the hotel's sense of belonging, a sense of responsibility and self-confidence, strengthen hotel in society's competitiveness. Hotel uniform identification of two aspects: designed to meet the hotel's overall image uniformity and consistency; between different departments in the hotel and different types of identifiable differences. Functionality and security is indispensable hotel uniform design elements: the need to meet the wearer easy to work easily limbs, reducing contain and reduce the demand of fatigue, while the staff is easy to enter the work state, to fully understand the design requirements for various posts the nature of the work, can meet the needs of the work. 
   (B) Material Good 
   In the new office of hotel uniform standard three elements, the choice of fabric pivotal in fabrics, designer fabrics to fully understand the fiber characteristics, organizational structure and style characteristics for different jobs for different choices, fabric, fabric composition and selection on should have detailed provisions. Hotel jobs are generally divided front office, food and beverage department of Commerce, recreation centers, security, engineering, administration and other categories (pictured), based on different types of work and duties, in the uniform of choice of materials to be treated segments. No. categorize clothing materials requirements apply Job Description No. 
Clothing materials requirements apply Job Description 

PR class 
To be able to reflect the image of the hotel, the selection containing wool, silk and other luxury fabrics, with embroidery to reflect the hotel culture marketing, CRO, etiquette 2 
Service Class 
Waiter clothing departments generally used material drape better, crisp fiber or mixed fiber type fabric, rich color, comfortable, easy to fold, easy to wash small shrinkage. 
Doorman, salute, reception rooms, a restaurant waiter, etc. 3 class 
Administrative class 
Administrative staff points A, B, C grade, the higher the level of the higher requirements of fabrics, worsted wool fabric often used, blended woolen fabric, do not fade, lint. Management 

Logistics category 
Functional, practical-based, multi-select material to prevent static electricity, strong, resistant to Mo, dirt, washable polyester-cotton blended fabrics, with particular attention to the safety uniforms 
Not customer service staff, such as engineering, housekeeping, the kitchen, etc. 
   With the penetration of modern technology, some of the newly developed new wear-resistant, anti-static, anti-crease, green and other fabrics, can extend the economic life of the hotel uniforms, hotel uniforms can be full of vitality new design, while the fabric various types of enrichment will become the development trend of hotel uniforms, hotel uniforms suitable selection of new fabrics, fashion fabrics such as Lycra, cotton 

Sense of synthetic fabrics, viscose fabrics, jacquard fabrics, etc. for hotel uniforms inject new vitality, can be properly applied in accordance with the design requirements and job characteristics. (C) work fine 
   The new office in the subject, exquisite workmanship is higher demand for corporate uniforms made. Exquisite craftsmanship, in turn, can improve the uniform design effect, it requires craft sewing uniforms to qualified, board type to be reasonable, washing and maintenance is not deformed. Senior managers must suit crisp, smooth, elegant board design to have beauty after wearing meet instrumentation requirements management personnel; lobby staff, etiquette group class restaurant waiter uniforms must be systemic, the amount of body customization, roll, inlaid , inlay and other processes to be refined, neat, smooth; customers, SPA, jobs, chef, food and beverage, service classes focus on the reasonableness of the plate, and the staff were reasonable code on the body as possible, process attention to detail, tacking on key play on the main part of the collar, etc. to focus on the reasonableness of the sewing process, the whole dress should be neat, smooth, sewing design features must be added to the firmness of treatment. 
   Third, the subject of the implementation of the new hotel uniforms 
   Successful hotel uniforms addition to the new standard to define "professional design, selection of good, exquisite workmanship", but also depends on many other factors: such as the general manager of the taste, because the hotel uniforms of the selection process, hotel leadership, especially general manager opinions always played a decisive role, if the concept of conservative leadership, parrot, complacent, will lead to the choice of clothing fashioned, can not perfectly reflect the key business visit uniforms hotel choice is successful manufacturing enterprises winning hotel, because the hotel uniforms small quantities, variety, making the more complex, the hotel uniform production of large enterprises much attention, so the hotel in the choice of uniform production enterprises, enterprises must design capabilities, manufacturing production level field trips, have the appropriate design proofing the process requires; uniform management is also an important factor in the success of hotel uniforms, hotel uniforms whether the management standardization, washing and ironing is in place, whether the mix of old and new to wear alternate uniforms, wearing the shirt is in accordance with design requirements, culottes, the coat mix, but also directly affect the overall effect of the uniforms. 
   Hotel uniform design if culture can be integrated with the hotel, and the hotel environment coincides with the quality of service will be able to complement each other, in a warm, passion and meticulous in the hotel to show their noble service concept; able to highlight the hotel personalization and differentiation characteristics, well bring out the hotel's soft power, but also for high-star hotel star ratings to add a star.

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