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What is advanced customization?

Haute couture, compared with mass-produced garments, emphasizes customer-centered and designers' service as the focus.All the workmanship of the high-grade uniform must be done by hand, and the man-hour of a garment must be at least about a month.





Why do you want to customize the ‍? 

1. Personalize it to fit better

Haute couture wears individuality and sells service.For men in particular, it is the privilege behind every moment of success and an important symbol of status.

2. Rare fabrics

Haute couture suits are extremely strict in fabric selection, and the customization of some big brands even only selects the world's rarest and most expensive raw materials. Light, thin, soft, vertical and natural reduction make up the foundation of a perfect dress.

3. Tailor well

The best thing about a bespoke suit is that it's appropriate. To fit a customer,

In addition to the fabric needs to be carefully selected, the most exquisite or its cutting process.





Shenzhen Fodisy Investment development Co.,LTD  

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Address: 9 / F, Tower B, Tengfei Industrial Building, Futian Free 

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