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How long does a suit last?

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How long does a suit last?Whenever a guest asks this question, the first response is to ask how often he dresses.

Because strictly speaking, the life of a suit is not how long you wear it, but how many days you wear it.If you only wear it two days a year, it's fine for 20 years, two days a week, for most people, it's two to three years.

Some people may question, spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to buy a suit, wear it for two or three years?!Is the quality too poor?

Today, let's talk about the reasons in detail, so that we can have a reasonable expectation of the life of suits, and choose suits and wear suits in a more targeted way.

There are four key factors that determine the longevity of a suit:

1. Durability of fabric

Let's start with the conclusion: The more expensive a suit is, the less durable it is.
The first is positioning, generally speaking, the less the more expensive suit for dress occasions, that is the most high-end suit is that occasionally take a clothes, is similar to the closet, not just wear out, can reflect different once wear out, so it's felt, luster, hang down suitable properties such as feeling superior, so it can let a person see the clothes you wear is better.Wear a few times, so the need for durable attributes is not great.
Then there are the technical issues, more show nobility to textile fabrics, only through the luster, handle, hang down suitable feeling, like where in ancient times, it is universally acknowledged that silk is a luxury, good fabric, silk luster, handle, drape and suit is a truth, is the embodiment of the high-grade riches and honour, but we all know that silk is a very delicate thing, wool reaches a certain fineness, too, so it is more exquisite and durable properties of textile goes down.
Finally, there is the question of cost, the higher the yarn count of wool fabric, the more delicate the raw materials used for textile yarns, so that the woven fabric can feel better and show more high-grade, but the finer the raw materials are more difficult to obtain, things are scarce, so the fabric with high yarn count is more expensive than the fabric with low yarn.In this way, the first reason is that high-grade suits are not wear-resistant. Then, high-grade suits are very expensive, which leads to the phenomenon that the more expensive suits are, the less durable they are.
To sum up, it is recommended to set the use scene in advance when choosing suits. Some suits are specially designed for attending important occasions. Generally, one or two suits are enough.There are also special for daily work wear, this type can be more than a few sets, take turns wearing, every year regular weeding old update can be.As I said at the beginning, if you wear it once in a while, if you wear it a few times a year, it's ok to wear it ten years, but if you wear it on a weekday, it's basically two or three years.

2. dressing frequency

We generally recommend that customers make suits with the same fabric for the first and second pants, because the frequency of wearing the jacket is lower than that of the pants, and the pants are always the first one to be retired in the suit combination.
Wear resistant fabrics can increase the number of times, but the number of times to increase can not stand wearing a pair of pants every day, wear rotten.Why? Pants are mandatory, while tops are occasional. You've seen slacks with a shirt and nothing else, but never a blazer with nothing under the shirt!That's why pants age and break more easily than tops, because you can't take them off at the office, but you can take off your coat.
If you have a suit that you love very much and don't want to retire soon, the best thing to do is to make more sets or pants, reduce the frequency of wearing, increase the spacing of wearing, not to wear it all the time, occasionally love will make you cherish it more.
We'll work, if you have 3 suits (1 1 garment pants), rotates once a day (this is the ideal state, hard to avoid can have on a business trip in consecutive), on average every pair of pants wearing 7 times in one month, one year is about 84 times, is expected to more than 100 times in wearing pants has basic semi-retired can only send out the sunset (coat also comes at a time), that is to say 3 suits take turns to wear life is less than 1 year and a half?
However, if you make these 3 suits into 1 suit and 2 pants, which are rotated every day, each pair of pants is worn 3.5 times a month on average, and 42 times a year, you can wear them for more than 3 years without any accidents involving personal safety.The service life is more than doubled (the interval between each wear is larger, the wool fabric recovers better, and the service life is further improved), but the input cost does not need to be doubled, it only needs to increase by 30% or less.
3. Dressing environment
Living environment is like family condition, there is no way to compare.
Some people go to work by car, some people go to work by subway, some people still need to ride a Shared bike after taking the subway.Consider this: which is more expensive: a car seat or a bicycle seat (and the friction of pedaling)?
A wool and silk suit, good-looking but delicate fabric, rough man can not cope with.
With suits, we can't change our living environment for a while, but we can treat our clothes better.
First of all, don't rub your top around your desk when you're sitting over your desk, because if you rub it, it lights up and if you rub it leaks out.
Next reduce appear in the place with much dust, pay attention not to get dirty clothes as far as possible.Because really dirty can't have to dry clean, wash the old fast, the old soon retire early.

Finally, do not wear continuously, let the clothes also rest, anyway wear a certain number of times, and wear continuously will accelerate the fabric aging.

4.How to maintain it

1、 the coat can not be washed, really dirty dry cleaning once.
2、Pants as little as possible wash, wear long because sweat much can wash.
3、Avoid wearing a suit when eating or drinking unless you are hanging a table cloth.This will double the life of your suit.
4、The suit pants are hung on the suit hanger after you take them off.
The most powerful move that adds a suit to wear life is:

Buy buy buy!

  As long as you have enough clothes and a big wardrobe, your clothes will stay in good condition and last longer.
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