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How to choose fabric for custom shirts?

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Good customization starts with the understanding of fabrics. Here we will give a brief introduction to the five aspects of shirt fabric count, gram weight, weaving method, color and pattern

1、Fabric count


The number of threads refers to the thick thread of silk thread, which is indicated by S. for example, 100s is also called 100 threads. Under the same conditions of cotton origin, single / double ply, weaving method, textile mill, etc., the higher the count per unit area indicates that the thinner the yarn is, the thinner the fabric is, and the higher the price is.

For shirts, 80-120 is enough; for the pure cotton fabric with more than 140 threads, the yarn is very thin, so you will feel too thin and uncomfortable to wear the shirt in summer. The pure cotton fabric itself is easy to wrinkle, and the high weave yarn is more serious. Of course, if you have a special person to take care of it, you don't have to mind.

2、Fabric weight


Gram weight refers to the weight of one square meter of fabric, which is an important index to measure the thickness or density of fabric. Weight should not be too high, but too low will be thin.

3、 Fabric weaving

Plain weave


Plain feel is smoother and the fabric is thinner. White plain woven shirt is the most formal, but it is easy to wrinkle and not easy to take care of.



The reflection will make the fabric look brighter. Because of the special weaving method of twill, it is more stiff than plain fabric, of course, it will be a little thicker, relatively less wrinkled.

Different colors of longitude and weft


Warp and weft are woven from two different colors, so that the fabric looks monochromatic from a distance, but has a texture at a closer look.

4、Fabric color

White is almost a standard match for business men, probably because it looks more formal and versatile. White shirts are difficult to wash and take care of. Do not wear white shirts until they turn yellow.


Blue is as important as white, and is also a standard workplace color. Blue will make people appear more fresh and energetic, at the same time, some dark lines appear more rich in details, implicit and restrained texture.


Light gray is a neutral color, calm but fashion sense, very texture, business and leisure versatile.


Light pink is not only for girls, but also very common on men's shirts. Light pink will make people look cleaner and more suitable for people with white skin.

timg (3).jpg

Light purple, tend to neutral, act like aristocratic modern gentry.

timg (1).jpg

5、Fabric pattern

When customizing and selecting fabrics, don't be limited to the visual effect brought by one fabric. You can take the fabric far away to feel the feeling of different patterns made into ready-made clothes.

Generally speaking, it can be divided into plain color, stripe and grid pattern. Plain color is the safest business shirt choice, but also the most conservative. Stripes and check patterns need to be specific, choose the right can increase a lot of vitality and fun.

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