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Three main modes of garment processing

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        In the era of knowledge economy and market economy, with the development of global society and the progress of science and technology, great changes have taken place in the clothing industry. Mechanization, modernization and intelligence make garment processing industry enter a new industrialization era. Garment processing is no longer limited to the traditional processing mode. As the main mode of garment processing industry, industrialization is widely valued and used by people. In this era, the garment processing is dominated by the industrial processing mode, supplemented by individual tailors and manual workshops, which permeate, interact and closely connect with each other. They share the roles of different clothing fields, different varieties and different processes. They complement each other and display different colors in the garment processing of division of labor and cooperation.

        1、 Individual tailor mode

        Using traditional personal tailoring technology, self purchase or customer supplied surface accessories, sporadic processing of casual clothing. Its main characteristics are: small scale (characterized by small family stores), skilled individual technology, poor adaptability of clothing varieties, simple technology, uneven clothing grades, lack of planning and marketing initiative (waiting for customers to come to their door more often), different processing prices, etc.

        2、 Manual workshop mode

        The traditional manual tailoring technology is combined with clothing equipment technology to carry out small-scale production of clothing processing mode. Its main characteristics are: less workers, low output, outdated equipment and slow update, high individual technical requirements; in terms of clothing varieties, it belongs to professional processing or comprehensive processing, with simple process and more manual operation, which is suitable for individual customers' orders and high-grade individual clothing processing. The processing price is determined according to the process requirements, product selection and delivery date.

        3、 Industrialization mode

        As the main mode of garment processing, industrial production is a kind of processing mode of mass production of various kinds of clothing, which is designed in advance by using various modern equipment and according to the clothing variety and technology. It is a modern production mode combining labor-intensive and technology intensive. Its main characteristics are as follows:

        (1) Using clothing professional technology knowledge to carry out standardized large-scale continuous production.

        (2) Effective use of human, financial, material and information, the use of a variety of specialized, mechanized, automated (or even intelligent) equipment, division of labor operation of the assembly line production.

        (3) The division of labor is detailed, the technical requirements for workers are fine but not wide, and the process and scale are large.

        (4) With high production efficiency and strong adaptability, it can meet the needs of mass production of clothing.

        (5) The process standard and technology are exquisite, and the quality control is strict and stable.

        (6) The cost is relatively low, and the processing price follows the market (floating).

        Industrial clothing is based on the characteristics of the above-mentioned industrialized and modern mass production, in accordance with certain process specifications and technical standards, through the specified process flow, the batch of noodles and accessories are processed in a centralized time, and provided to the market (consumers), which can be worn after purchase.


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