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What do you know about the customization skills of winter hotel uniform?

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Hotel uniform not only represents the external image of the hotel, but also is conducive to the cohesion and solidarity between the staff. In addition to the basic quality style, the requirements of hotel staff's dress experience degree are very concerned about. Similarly, the style and function of hotel work clothes should be paid more attention. Hotel staff wearing hotel uniform can create benefits for hotel enterprises. Employees should be comfortable when wearing hotel uniform, even the whole body and mind are comfortable and relaxed. In this way, employees can always maintain a positive and optimistic attitude to work and devote their energy to work. In the design of customized hotel work clothes, it is best to communicate with the hotel uniform manufacturers according to different industries, different jobs and different genders, so as to achieve the best practical effect. Now let's share the custom-made skills of winter hotel uniform by the gold scissors. Do you know what are there?

What do you know about the customization skills of winter hotel uniform?

1、 The work clothes of the hotel are generous

Hotel uniform not only represents the image of the individual, but also represents the image of the hotel enterprise. Therefore, the custom-made hotel uniform must be generous, concise style, natural circulation lines.

2、 Clean clothes in Hotel

The hotel uniform is straight and flat, so in order to prevent the wrinkle phenomenon after the hotel work clothes are made to order, they should be ironed before wearing and hung well after wearing, so as to ensure that the coat is flat and the trousers line is straight.

3、 Hotel uniform reflects hygiene

Hotel uniform must be clean and tidy, which is the first principle at all times. Therefore, the winter custom-made hotel work clothes should also be dust-free, oil-free and odor-free, and it must be kept clean at the collar and cuff.

4、 The uniform of the hotel is regular

The finished products of the hotel uniform should meet certain standards. For example, the hotel uniform should be fit, with the sleeve length to the wrist, the trousers length to the foot surface, the skirt length over the knee, the tie, bow tie, ribbon and the shirt collar should be compact and not crooked, the collar of the shirt should be stabbed into one finger, and the waistline of the trouser skirt should be five fingers.


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