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How to customize the work clothes of hotel chefs in winter, which is comfortable and beautiful?

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With the advent of winter, the hotel chef uniform is the image representative of the restaurant, the hotel chef uniform clean and tidy is the first principle, the hotel uniform has a certain service life, every time need to change into a new hotel uniform. There are various styles of hotel chef's work clothes, of course, it can't leave the old and bring forth the new. For the hotel chef's work clothes, which are slightly special, it is absolutely necessary to select a good performance work clothes. Generally speaking, good hotel chef's work clothes are comfortable to wear, look good in texture, and convenient to take care of. For hotel chefs' work clothes, the fabric used is not used for general clothing materials, and its performance is also more complex than ordinary clothing fabrics. The following is a small knitting of gold scissors to share with you how to customize the winter hotel chef's work clothes, that is, comfortable and beautiful?

How to customize the work clothes of hotel chefs in winter, which is comfortable and beautiful?

1: The material of hotel chef's uniform

The fabric of the chef's clothing should be of high quality. Although the pure cotton fabric has good water absorption effect, no one will wear it close to the body, so there is no advantage in using pure cotton material for low price. Several pieces of high-level chef's clothes are blended fabric, which should be relatively wide. Some colleagues' cloth should be thick. The color of the clothes inside must not be revealed.

2: The working clothes of hotel cooks are clean and tidy

Clean clothes will leave a good impression. As chefs who will contact with various food materials every day, clean clothes show that chefs attach great importance to hygiene and tidiness. The cleanliness and neatness of cooks' clothes is directly related to the restaurant staff's trust in the hotel and deepen the impression of the hotel brand. A clean and tidy chef's uniform can bring trust and enhance the image of the hotel.

3: The style of hotel chef's uniform

Hotel chefs have different styles and details. Whether hotel chef's uniform is worth buying is reflected in these details, from neckline to waist, from hemming to stitching, every part of hotel chef's uniform can be reflected in its style and technology. The style of hotel chef's work clothes requires elegant atmosphere, simple and practical. One more button or one binding can enhance the overall temperament of the clothes.


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