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How many kinds of ties do you know?

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Wear a formal suit, and then tie a beautiful tie, not only beautiful and generous, but also give people a sense of elegance and solemnity. But how many kinds of tie do you know?

Here are the latest 10 kinds of tie making, and the illustration will teach you how to tie a tie step by step:


1.The Plain Knot

Flat tie is one of the most popular tie methods for men. It is very convenient. The bow tie is inclined triangle, which is suitable for all kinds of neckties.

Tip: the hole formed under the bow tie should be even and lined on both sides.


2、Cross knot tie

The characteristic of the cross knot is that the knot has a split line, which is suitable for the tie with simple color and thin texture, which is very fashionable.


3.The Double Knot

Double loop knot is suitable for thin tie. Double ring knot can create fashion sense and is suitable for young office workers. The feature of the bow tie is that the first lap will be slightly exposed outside the second lap and should not be deliberately covered up.


4.The Windsor Knot

The tie knot, named after the Duke of Windsor, is the most orthodox necktie method. It forms a regular triangle and is full and powerful. It is suitable for matching with wide necked shirts for formal occasions. Do not use a tie with too thick fabric to tie a Windsor knot.


5.The Double Cross Knot

Due to the cross and double ring, the knot is very solid and can only be matched with a thick formal shirt. It is the best way to show dignity.


6 .The Prince Albert Knot

It is suitable for soft thin necktie and matching with button collar and pointed collar shirt. Since it has to be wound three times, the tie should not be thicker.


7.The four-in-hand Knot

The tie can be tied in four steps, so it is called "four hand knot". It is the most convenient tie method. It is suitable for necktie with narrow width. It is casual and suitable for ordinary occasions.


8.The Trend Knot

The romantic knot breaks the rule that tie must keep a straight line. The narrow end appears at the wide end, which is full of drama color.


9.The Simple Knot

It is suitable for thick necktie, suitable for button collar shirt. It is characterized in that the wide end is twisted from top to bottom at 180 degrees, and the fold is hidden in the back to complete the knot. This tie knot is very tight and popular among British grooms at the end of the 18th century.


10.The Half-Windsor Knot

As the name suggests, it is an improved version of the Windsor knot, which is more convenient than the Windsor knot. It is suitable for thinner ties and shirts with small pointed collar and standard collar, but it is also not suitable for thick ties.


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