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To keep the beauty of silk scarf, correct cleaning method is indispensable

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The weather changes as it is said. It was sunny yesterday, but today it was rainy and cold. It's cool in autumn. How can I get rid of scarves? The concave shape of the scarves is good-looking, but after that, we still need to consider its cleaning. After all, if it is a silk scarf of real silk, we should pay attention to the maintenance. Here we summarize a series of problems such as easy cleaning of scarves. Let's have a look.


Silk towel cleaning steps

1. Fading test

Before cleaning, the color fading test should be carried out on the silk towel first. The specific method is to dip a little water on the edge of the silk towel, and then press it with a white towel. If the towel is stained with color, it means that the silk towel will fade and cannot be washed. In addition, it is suitable for washing if it is not stained with color. (this is about the cleaning method of washable scarves)


2. Washing silk scarf steps

        1. After the fading test, the scarves can be washed by hand at home after meeting the washing conditions. Hand washing is to select neutral detergent, in the water temperature below 30 ℃, the detergent will be dissolved in 30 ℃ water.

        2. Then fold the silk scarf neatly, hold the fold, put it into the water, shake it back and forth to wash off the surface dirt. After unfolding the silk scarves, shake and rinse them back and forth. Finally, fold the silk scarves into one eighth size and wring them out gently. In the same way, wash twice. After the silk towel is washed, put it into the water, and then soak it with a few drops of vinegar to keep the color bright.

        3. Dry the towel. Methods: spread the silk towel out of the water, spread it on the towel, and roll the towel into a cylinder.

        4. Dry the silk towel. After the removal of water towel, completely spread out flat, put in the indoor dark place dry. Note that if it's a pleated towel, it can't be spread out and dried. It should be twisted and then tied to dry.


Precautions for silk towel cleaning

       1. Do not wash with water with high temperature.

        2. Since the tap water contains more chlorine in summer, it should be washed with tap water every other day. Silk clothing material has poor alkali resistance, so weak alkaline detergent, neutral detergent and soap should be selected for washing. Coffee, dark gray, black and other dark clothes, can not be directly washed with soap, or there will be color flowers or spots. Silk scarves should not be soaked in detergent for a long time. Generally, the soaking time should be 5-10 minutes, and the longest should not be more than 20 minutes to prevent fading.

        3. When washing, you should rub gently with your hands, and do not use too much force.

        4. After rinsing, do not wring dry, but hang directly, pull flat and dry in the shade. Avoid exposure to the sun, it is best not to wash and dry with a washing machine.



Other problems of silk towel cleaning

How to clean silk towel stains and sweat stains?

If there are stains on the silk scarf, take a bottle, pour water and detergent into it, and then put the towel into the bottle. After the lid is closed, shake the bottle up and down vigorously. The stain on the silk scarf will be removed quickly, and the silk scarf will not be damaged. If there are sweat stains on the silk towel, wash it in the detergent and dry it in the shade.

How to do if the silk scarf is stained with cosmetics?

If there is powdery cosmetics on the silk towel, please use your fingers to flick it off in time. When touching the cream like cosmetics, first use a paper towel to dry the oil, then dip the soap on the handkerchief and gently press the dirty part. Finally, use the paper towel to absorb the moisture.

How to remove the oil stains on silk scarves?

If there is oil stain on the silk scarf, you can mix the talc powder into a paste and apply it to the oil stain area. After staying for a period of time, remove the talc powder, and then pad a thin paper on the silk, and iron it with a not too hot electric iron. In this way, the oil stains on the scarves will be removed.


Daily maintenance of scarves

1. Because of the fine texture of the silk scarf, it is necessary to avoid hard objects such as nails and brooches from being pulled onto the scarves.

2. avoid desiccant, cosmetics, perfume and so on directly infected with silk scarves.

3. Avoid being drenched by rain. If it is wet, it should be spread out and dried immediately.

4. Do not tie knots on the same part frequently when using, which will easily make the part lose luster or pilling.

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