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Key points of mens uniform in workplace

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Key points of men's uniform in workplace

For casual men in the workplace, especially for new people in the workplace, if they are not engaged in entertainment, fashion, creativity, advertising and other industries that seek novelty and cool, there are some unwritten workplace uniform dress rules that you'd better follow. The following suggestions are expected to be helpful to those who are not good at matching and aesthetic taste and imagination.

Do not deliberately sprinkle perfume, but you can use some perfume when washing clothes. After the sun is shining, the fading aroma is more suitable for identity and better smell. Frequent shampoo, frequent bathing and shaving are suitable substitutes for men's perfume.

Nudity is not necessarily wrong, but it must be wrong to be naked on formal occasions. As a man, in formal occasions, except for the head and hands, the skin should be as little as possible. Otherwise, it will inevitably give people the feeling of frivolity and vulgarity.

It's better not to wear accessories, even if you wear them, they should be simple and refined. As too much seasoning makes it hard to swallow, too many accessories can make people hard to get into the eyes.


The height of the upper frame of glasses should be 1 / 2 between eyebrows and eyes, and the outer frame should be parallel to the widest part of the face.

Choose your shirt carefully. Shirts have to be changed every day and ironed before wearing. With formal business wear, white shirt is preferred, and no pattern is allowed. Avoid the shirt outside the trousers, also avoid the shirt collar is too large, there is a gap between the neck.

Prepare at least one suit of business suit. The fabric of professional wear should be selected according to the season and occasion. The label on the cuffs of professional wear must be removed. The first button (also known as "demeanor button") is put on the buttons of professional clothes, and the cuffs and trousers edges of professional clothes cannot be rolled up.

Let the tie finish. The color of the tie should not be dazzling, and the length should be the tie tip covering the belt buckle. When wearing a sweater, the tie should be placed inside the sweater. When you tie a tie, you should button up the first button of your shirt. The tie clip is usually between the fourth and fifth buttons.

Keep your shoes spotless and bright at all times. Formal suits can only be matched with traditional, solemn lace up shoes. The color of shoes and laces should be coordinated. Shoes and belts should be consistent in material and color.

Don't put too many items in your pocket. Coat pocket and trousers pocket as little as possible to put items, it appears clean and elegant. It is not suitable to insert your hands into your pocket and trouser pocket at will.

The length of the trousers should cover three-quarters of the heel in an upright position. The color of socks should be consistent with the color of shoes and trousers, and the length should reach the lower leg from the top of socks. Over 24 years old, it is best not to wear white socks, never wear fancy socks.



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