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Guangdong Hotel Uniform custom manufacturers


Shenzhen For Tops Investment & Development Co., Ltd.. is a set design, production, sales, service as one of professional Uniform company, own brand "FOR TOPS".
The company has advanced equipment and first-class professional engineer, and the establishment of a sound quality management system, service satisfaction management system.
Because the company be strict in one's demands, to have a superior quality; because have great originality, it has a distinct personality; because great care, to have a professional demeanor!
Company in good faith, gregarious, excellence, innovation purpose has many golf, hotel, financial, real estate, foreign enterprise service, accumulated rich industry experience.
The company's belief: the concept of tailor-made for your business to provide the most professional groups uniform service.
Scope of business.
Business suits custom: suit, shirts, dress, cheongsam, corporate uniforms, work clothes, uniforms aviation, railway uniform uniform, jewelry, property security uniforms, factory uniforms, tie, bow tie
Hotel uniform custom: the clothing, the doorman concierge clothing, clothing, assistant manager of clothing, clothing in the restaurant, western restaurant lobby bar clothing, clothing, party dress, manager of clothing, director of fashion, the foreman clothing, clothing apparel clients, waiter, cook food clothing, clothing, clean clothing, room clothing, security clothing, clothing apparel Engineering Department, clerks, sales of clothing, cashier clothing, sports clothing, hot spring clothing clothing clothing, clubs, nightclubs
Golf apparel Customization: T-shirts, pants, hat
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